[SAT] SAT 채점 방식

by Manager posted Apr 29, 2012


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A. Each section of your SAT (critical reading, mathematics and writing) will be scored

on a 200- to 800-point scale, for a possible total of 2400.


You’ll also get two “subscores” on the writing section

: a multiple-choice score from 20 to 80, and an essay score from 2 to 12


B. Raw score by:

  • Adding points for correct answers.

  • Subtracting a fraction of a point for wrong answers.

Remember: Questions that you skipped don’t count either for or against your score, and points aren’t taken away for wrong answers on the math questions where you needed to enter the answer into a grid.

Then we take your raw score and turn it into a scaled score. This is where the score of 200?800 points comes from, and it is done through a statistical process called “equating.” This process makes it possible to compare your score with the scores of other students who took alternative versions of the test, and to your own scores on previous tests